Today's Wordle Answer (#306) - April 21, 2022

Make sure you keep your Wordle streak going by using some helpful hints and, possibly, the answer itself.


Thursday, April 21, 2022 has come and it brings with it one of the more difficult Wordle answers from the past couple of weeks. While the answer to Wordle #306 is a word many users will have heard before, it doesn't get used nearly as much as other five-letter words we've seen come across our Wordle screen. In fact, I couldn't even remember the last time I heard someone use this word in a sentence, so thinking creatively is the best route to take with this Wordle.

That said, if users guess correctly on some letters, they should be able to figure out the Wordle in a few tries. However, there are some uncommon letters and letter placements in this Wordle. We have a feeling some win streaks will be snapped today for any user that doesn't look up a guide or hints. If you don't like to lose in Wordle, you might be staring at your screen longer than usual trying to figure this word out.

If you're looking for some general tips on today's Wordle, or a group of the best starting words, then we have you covered.

Today’s Wordle Answer - April 21

We'll begin by throwing out some hints for the April 21 Wordle. These hints won't be entirely useful to every user out there but they could provide the answer for others. Again, we encourage users to think a little outside of the box for this Wordle, as it's a word rarely used in everyday life.

  • Hint 1: This word uses the letter "x" somewhere, which is one of the rare instances when this letter pops up.
  • Hint 2: This word has to do with chemistry and the periodic table.

While those hints might not be helpful to many users, they are all we can really say without completely giving the word away. If you couldn't manage to figure out the word from those hints, the answer to Wordle #306 is "oxide." This is a word that some high school or university chemistry students might hear often but average players, like me, don't see that word used too much. We hope this Wordle guide was helpful; you can check back tomorrow for more Wordle answers.

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