Titus announces Lamborghini FX

Titus Interactive reclaims its Lamborghini license and announces arcade-style racer for PC and consoles.


Titus Interactive has recently announced the development of Lamborghini FX for both the PC and currently unspecified console platforms. Described as a fast-paced arcade-style racer, the game is currently in development at Italy-based Milestone and it is scheduled for release this summer.

Unlike Rage Software's ill-fated Lamborghini title, Lamborghini FX will encourage "full contact" racing, and will even allow players to modify their vehicles with nitrous oxide and an arsenal of weapons. Nitrous oxide boosts will be gained by collecting nitro tokens scattered around tracks, while weapons will be earned by performing any of the game's five "FX stunts," which include jumps, spins, powerslides, and two-wheeling. Players will also collect FX tokens as they progress through the game, allowing them to unlock additional vehicles, tracks, and the like.

"Lamborghini FX is the latest in a long line of successful racing games for the Titus Group, including the famous Crazy Cars, Automobili Lamborghini in 1996, and Lotus Challenge in 2001," said Eric Caen, cofounder and president of Titus Interactive. "Likewise, as one of the pioneers of the interactive entertainment industry in Italy, Milestone has an extensive and impressive history developing racing video games."

"We're excited about teaming up with Titus Interactive once again," added Maria Lucia Lazzarini, licensing manager at Lamborghini. "They have a great history of bringing car racing stories to life, and we believe that they will do the same for Lamborghini FX."

We'll bring you more information on Lamborghini FX as soon as it becomes available.

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