Titanfall achievements will reward you for snapping necks, wall-running

Think you can unlock all 35 achievements for Respawn's upcoming Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC multiplayer game?


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Respawn Entertainment's much-anticipated multiplayer shooter Titanfall launches one week from today and now the game's achievements have been posted online at X360 Achievements.

The list of 35 achievements worth a total 1,000 Gamerscore is fairly straightforward. And since since the game has no traditional single-player mode, there's no real spoilers to speak of.

Some of the challenges include killing ten ejecting pilots, surviving an evacuation, and unlocking everything the game has to offer. You'll also earn gamerscore for snapping the necks of your foes and wall-running over long distances.

The achievement list also references the "Generations" mode which is believed to be similar to Call of Duty's famous Prestige mode where players can hit the reset button and start leveling again.

Respawn recently confirmed that the game might have a DLC season pass and teased that a pilot-only mode may come sometime after launch. Titanfall launches March 11 for Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 version--developed externally at Bluepoint Games--to follow on March 25. Microsoft is throwing a huge party in Texas to mark the game's release.

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