Tiger Woods PGA Tour derailed in the UK

EA confirms that some copies of Tiger Woods have been sidelined in the UK due to "performance issues." The publisher says help is on the way.


Responding to reports that first surfaced overseas, Electronic Arts this morning confirmed that a limited number of copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 released in the UK were prone to certain performance issues. No additional details were given, but the publisher did issue a short statement indicating that trouble-free copies were being made available to affected gamers.

"EA has detected a performance issue on a limited number of copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005," a spokesperson said today. "This impacts only PlayStation 2 copies sold to consumers in the United Kingdom."

The spokesperson said that EA has identified the problem and is issuing corrected copies to retailers and consumers. The game has been on sale worldwide since September 20.

"Even pros hit one into the rough now and again," the spokesperson said. "We expect to have impacted players back on the green with a new game shortly."

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