Three Straight Days of The Secret World

We have exclusive new trailers plus interviews with the game director for three straight days. Starting today.


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GameSpot has three continuous days of The Secret World coverage lined up for today (Wednesday), Thursday, and Friday. Each day will unveil a new video trailer for one of the three secret societies in the game.

Today's story is already up, and it focuses on the Dragon secret society--one of three societies in the game.

All players will be able to join one of these three shadow groups to take up the fight against the mysterious occult legends that have come to life to threaten the modern world.

Members of the mysterious Dragon society have been sighted!
Members of the mysterious Dragon society have been sighted!

Today's update includes an exclusive new video trailer on this organization, which you can preview below.

The story also includes some in-depth discussion with Ragnar Tornquist of Funcom on the faction, its combat skills, its diplomacy and questing skills, and what role Dragon characters will play in the game. Will this shadow group be right for your adventuring needs? (Hint: Maybe.)

Preview the trailer here and be sure to read today's story.

Also, visit GameSpot's The Secret World gamespace for more information on the game.

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