THQ jumps on Wii balance board

All Star Cheer Squad will be first-ever US-developed game to support Nintendo's peripheral; DS edition also planned.


Another Thursday, and another new game from THQ coming to Nintendo's platform. Though the publisher took last week off, recent Thursdays have seen THQ announce original properties Battle of the Bands (nee Band Mashups), Deadly Creatures, and Big Beach Sports, all exclusive to Nintendo's Wii. Today, the publisher continued its focus on bringing new franchises to Nintendo's platforms, revealing All Star Cheer Squad for the Wii and Nintendo DS.

Billed as "the first-ever cheerleading video game," All Star Cheer Squad will be developed by Florida-based Gorilla Systems and will give players a taste of competitive cheerleading. Hoping to lend some real-world credibility to the virtual game, THQ has signed on Bring It On choreographer Tony G as chief consultant for the project.

Players will assume the role of a cheerleader, where they must learn "the latest cheer action and top routines," with the ultimate goal of becoming cheer-squad captain. THQ also promises a highly customizable experience, with players able to define the look and style of their character as well as create their own cheers.

In addition to the obligatory Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the Wii version of the game will make use of the Wii Balance Board. It's the first US-developed game to do so, and it's only the second non-Nintendo title compatible with the peripheral, after We Skui. The Wii Balance Board will be packed in with Nintendo's anticipated fitness sim Wii Fit on May 19. All Star Cheer Squad is currently slated to arrive this fall.

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