This Week's GTA 5 Sales and Bonuses Revealed

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A series of bonuses, discounts, and double RP events are now available in Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode, GTA Online. Additionally, a new Premium Race is in rotation with major payouts.

Now until August 18, you can earn double GTA$ and RP in three modes: Entourage, Extraction, and Hunting Pack. You can enter these modes quickly and easily by looking for the Playlist button from the GTA V launch screen; you can also walk to a blip in the game to be taken to the modes.

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Another way to earn double RP in GTA Online this week is to take part in VIP Work jobs and VIP Challenges, including Salvage, Haulage, and Cargo Delivery. Additionally, missions from the Executives and Other Criminals update will pay out double RP.

There are also discounts available this week in GTA Online. First, all executive offices are half off, while Rockstar is offering 25 percent off office decor and customizations such as safes and gun lockers. Additionally, services like impound recovery and Pegasus vehicle delivery are half off, as are all clothing from the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.

What's more, you can save 25 percent on the Pegasus Reaper car this week, while the Buzzard attack chopper is 50 percent off.

Additionally, the existing Vespucci stunt race is this week's Premium Race, which is available when using the new Progen Tyrus car (this came with the Cunning Stunts update).

"First place finishers receive GTA$100,000, second place GTA$30,000, and third place earns back their GTA$20,000 entry fee," Rockstar explained. "And all racers are guaranteed Triple RP. To join a Premium Race, enter the yellow Premium Race blip at Legion Square, pay the cover charge, and take on seven rivals to win big."

This is all part of GTA Online's Executive Protection Bonuses week, which runs until August 18.

In other news about GTA Online, parent publisher Take-Two said in an earnings briefing last week that GTA Online had record bookings for the latest quarter. We don't know how much money it generated, but the mode--which is free but has microtransactions--is apparently a huge money-maker.

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