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This Unique Clerks Blu-Ray Box Set Is On Sale For $50 Off

They're not even supposed to be here today.


The Clerks I-III Premium Box Set was one of the most interesting Blu-ray collections to release last year due to its novel (and nostalgic!) packaging. If your Clerks fan but didn't want to spend $130 on the set, now's your chance to snag it for less. The Clerks I-III Premium Box Set is on sale for $79 at Amazon (a $51 discount).

Clerks I-III Premium Box Set
Clerks I-III Premium Box Set

The Clerks box set includes 3D miniature of the iconic Quick Stop and RST Video storefronts, a working VHS return slot that you can store the discs so that you don't have to worry about any late fees, and a wall that can be vandalized with a set of stickers and inside-jokes. It's worth noting that these are 1080p versions of the Clerks films and digital keys to each film are included.

Kevin Smith, the film director with an interesting filmography made his first big break in the industry with Clerks.

The first Clerks film, released all the way back in 1994, follows Dante Hicks on his day off working at his dead-end job at the Quick Stop ("I'm not even supposed to be here today!") alongside his slacker best friend Randal, who works at the VHS rental store next door to him. Yes, it's that old. Hijinks of the inane and occasionally wacky variety ensue.

In 2006's Clerks 2, the duo find themselves working at the same location after it has been transformed into a fast-food joint. Clerks 3, which came out in 2022, sees Randal narrowly survive a heart attack and enlist his friends to make a movie about their lives working at the Quick Stop convenience store. The less you know about the third film the better, especially after you've watched Clerks 1 and 2.

If you want to add to that collection, Amazon also has Clerks: The Animated Series available. A word of warning, this collection is on DVD, so prepare yourself for the horrors of 4:3 aspect ratio TV. The animated series is still terrific, especially at just $15, but you almost certainly won't want your kids to watch it.

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