This Horror Game Lets You Play The Monster

Like the movie Alien, except you're the one eating people.


Most horror games put you in the shoes of people struggling to survive. In Carrion, however, you're the grotesque monster, fighting your way out from underground.

Carrion takes place in several areas focused on physics-based combat and platforming. You can hurl objects at human survivors, consuming them as you go, gaining HP and power in the process. You're not invulnerable, though - some humans carry weapons, while automated turrets tear into your rotting flesh. You may be the monster, but you still have to protect yourself.

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In the video above, you can watch Carrion's Sebastian Kroskiewicz play through an early portion of the brutal platformer. For more news and previews from GDC 2018, stay tuned to GameSpot throughout the week.

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