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This guy is about to pass one million Xbox achievement points

Persistence pays off.



And he's done it! Congratulations, Ray!

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Cox hit exactly exactly 1,000,000 GamerScore, with the "I like a Challenge" Achievement in Titanfall.

While he said at the end of the Twitch stream that he wasn't planning on shooting for a 2 million points, he's also not necessarily giving up on earning more points...though it's unlikely he'll pursue them with the same zeal that he chased down the first million.

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Over the last eight years, Xbox owner Ray Cox IV (Stallion83) has been plugging away at raising his GamerScore to the 1,000,000 mark. And he's about to do that. You can watch him Livestream the journey live in the Twitch video.

What game will he use to push past the final hurdle? Titanfall.

Cox is the current world record holder for highest legitimate GamerScore, but hitting the million mark first just further cements his complete dominance of the achievement point race. How do you stack up? Personally, I've been at about 30k for the past year.

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