This GTA-Inspired PS4 Is Beautiful, Totally Unofficial

How are you passing the time between now and GTA V's release on new consoles?

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One Grand Theft Auto fan is passing the time until Grand Theft Auto V is released on PlayStation 4 by getting creative, putting together a super-slick, custom case design inspired by Rockstar Games and the GTA franchise.

As you can see in the image above, shared by Rockstar on its website, the custom console skin features the yellow Rockstar Games logo and the classic black and white GTA logo. The developer writes, "Looks like he's ready to play GTA V in style."

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GTA V launches for PS4 (and Xbox One) on November 18, while the PC version is scheduled to launch in late January 2015. This custom PS4 is totally unofficial, and Rockstar has not announced a partnership with Sony or Microsoft for a limited edition GTA V PS4 or Xbox One console.

The PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of GTA V promise a raft of improvements over the existing Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, which have together shipped more than 34 million copies. The new versions of the game will feature better visuals, increased draw distances, denser traffic, and more wildlife, among other things. In addition, your existing Grand Theft Auto Online characters will carry forward to the new versions, whether you're staying in the same console family (e.g. PS3 to PS4) or not (PS3 to Xbox One).

Earlier this month, the president of Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive laid out the reasons why he thinks you'll buy another copy of GTA V.

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