This Final Fantasy 6 Statue Costs $13,800, But At Least It's Pretty

One of the most iconic images in Final Fantasy history has been immortalized as a pricy collectible.


Final Fantasy VI fans with too much money can now find a new way to appreciate one of the best games in the Square Enix series, as a new statue based on original concept art has gone up for sale.

Limited to just 600 pieces worldwide, the statue depicts hero Terra Branford riding on top of Magitek Armor and costs an eye-watering $13,800. For that price, you will receive an impressively detailed collectible, which also features three unique Moogles, alternate parts, and a title plate.

It's roughly half the size of a legendary artist.
It's roughly half the size of a legendary artist.

Each statue is hand-painted and is constructed from polystone, PVC, ABS, and die-cast materials. It's also a fairly large product, measuring in at a height of almost 31 inches once fully assembled.

Even Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is somewhat shocked at the price, which he compared to the price of the dioramas that were created for his last game, Fantasian. Yoshitaka Amano, the concept artist who helped shape much of Final Fantasy over the years, was more impressed with his seeing one of his drawings turned into a three-dimensional collectible.

"The sheer existence of it, and the presence that it commands is very impressive," Amano said in a video interview. "The world of Final Fantasy VI is wholly represented by the statue, and the fact that it's diorama-esque, makes it look like a scene out of a film."

If you're interested in owning one of the most iconic images from Final Fantasy history--and don't mind dropping a non-refundable $2,760 cash deposit for it--you can click the link above. Just be prepared to wait, as the release date for this statue is scheduled for November 2023.

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