This Epic Mario Cake Won Its Creator $10,000

Would you eat this?


A new episode of Food Network's Cake Wars this week challenged bakers to create a cake inspired by a level from the original Super Mario Bros. Now, the winning cake has been revealed--and it's absolutely epic.

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The top cake was designed by Cory Pohlman, who works at the Bohnhoff & Kent bakery. Her creation includes everything you'd expect--Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Warp Pipes, Goombas, and more. It tasted pretty excellent, too, as judge Ron-Ben Israel described its red velvet interior as "moist and supple."

Nintendo representative Krista Yang, meanwhile, said the cake had "a lot of dimension and excitement."

For her efforts, Pohlman won $10,000.

Provided you have a supported cable subscription, you can watch the entire Super Mario Bros.-themed Cake Wars episode here.

In addition, Pohlman's recipe for the cake itself is available here.

This week's episode of Cake Wars was produced in partnership with Nintendo as a means to promote the upcoming Wii U exclusive Super Mario Maker. The game--due out September 11--lets players build their own 2D Mario levels, and from what we've played so far, it looks promising.

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