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This Call Of Duty Player Was Able To Reach 10th Prestige Without Killing Anyone… Again

And they have a better win/loss ratio than me.


One Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III player has done the unthinkable yet again and has reached the 10th Prestige without killing a single player.

Reddit user Pilgore1 posted their achievement on r/ModernWarfareIII (via Dot Esports). In their post, they played 486 games for three days, three hours, and seventeen minutes. To no surprise, they earned a K/D ratio of 0.00, but at the same time, they earned an impressive win/loss ratio of 3.19.

As Dot Esports pointed out, this isn't the first time Pilgore1 has done this. They were able to do the same thing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. But they were able to achieve the 10th Prestige a lot quicker this time. Last year, it took them 688 games and over 100 hours.

Pilgore1 went on to say that a significant reason they were able to get to 10th Prestige so fast was that they were playing on the Small Map Moshpit playlist with double XP enabled. They also joked that the only thing they killed was other players' win streaks.

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