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This 5TB External Hard Drive For Expanding PS5 Storage Is $95 Today (Save $85)

The PS5's big storage update is here, and so is an awesome deal on a 5TB WD external hard drive.


The PS5's first big console update was released today, April 14, and notably, it allows the PlayStation 5 to support PS5 games on external drives. This means you'll be able to copy games off your internal SSD to free up space for new downloads, so there's no better time to stock up on some storage if you've been holding off. Yesterday, Best Buy had a nice Deal of the Day on a trio of external hard drives, but today an even better deal has joined the lineup.

These will work well as reliable storage for games, whether you're using it for PS5 games or Xbox Series X|S games. You won't be able to play brand-new games off them, since that requires speedier SSDs, but considering the prices, it's an easy way to save yourself time redownloading titles when your internal storage fills up.

Better yet, the black case of the Easystore will let it easily blend in with your consoles and entertainment system, while its USB 3.0 connection will allow quick and easy connections to consoles and PCs alike.

You can't beat the WD Easystore drives at this price, but if you're looking for more options for PS5 storage, see our guide to the best external hard drives and SSDs for 2021, which features other WD drives along with options from SanDisk and Seagate.

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