Thief Walkthrough Guide: Part 4

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets




From your starting point, stay along the left side of the map. That’ll keep you in the shadows, away from the eyes of the two guardsmen. Another guard will emerge, who happens to be guiding a “gentleman” to the brothel. Follow them (pickpocketing optional) down the two first sets of stairs. Look left and you’ll notice a vent you can access with your wrench. Go through the vent and when you emerge from the other end, notice the wood beam on your left. Walk on the beam until the path ends and jump down. To the left of you is a lower level hallway, which you can access by sliding down. When you exit the hallway, ignore the guards and lit areas in the area and veer right, where you can use the claw to climb up a grate. You’ll eventually come across a lever, which leads to the entrance of Xiao Xiao’s brothel, The House of Blossoms.

This den of vice has its share of treasures which you’re more than welcome to steal since its clientele are more than preoccupied. If you wish to focus on the mission, simply follow the woman you see right when the entrance doors open. As she makes her way to a guard to engage in some flirtatious banter, hang back for a couple seconds in the small room with the closet. She’ll be dominating the guard’s field of vision, allowing you to slip by and take the down-and-up set of stairs. While this area is well-lit, don’t swoop or else you’ll alert a bird. Instead, tread quietly while crouched and when you’re at the top of the steps, turn left. Open the door but be aware that there might be a guard on the other side; don’t worry, you’ll have time to slink back without him going on full alert. Once he’s gone, enter the room and notice the ascending stairs at the other end. There are multiple paths to reach those stairs and our video shows the ease of using the path on the right. The sight of multiple guards in close proximity might feel intimidating, but as long as you’re behind them and your light meter is dark, you’ll be fine. As you near the top of the steps, notice the guard. Wait for him turn his back on you and move past him, veer right, and be sure not to swoop.

Enter the room and help yourself to any treasures. Do the same thing in the adjacent room. When you’re done looting, go to the painting next to the bed and look for the hidden switches. This will give you access to the secret passage.

The goal of this next area is to find the four symbols that match the rings of the pentagon-shaped medallion you found in Erin’s Mill. To do so, you have to spy into the various peep holes along the wall. Just look for the tiny patches of light escaping between the bricks. There are five holes and four of them reveal the symbols. Be sure to look around while peeping. The game will note down when you’ve spotted a symbol. Furthermore, the game saves you the effort for note taking by highlighting the found symbols on your device. When you have all four, go to the skinny podium, align the symbols, and apply the medallion. This will unlock the passage to the ancient ruins.

Once in the ruins, look for the narrow vertical space to squeeze yourself through. Again, use your vision ability to spot traps. Continue to the enclosed space with the stained glass window. There’s a shattered window near by with a beam at the bottom. Walk on the beam and drop down to find yourself on a new path. Follow the stairs to the waypoint, which lead you to a small library. Ignore your the first set of books in the enclosed space and just head to the next waypoint. Now use your vision ability to spot the switch. This will lead you to the one of the game’s moderately challenging puzzles, the Library Towers.

When you reach the first dial, spin it completely to rotate a set of stairs. Take the stairs to access the next part of the tower. The key is to look for the two other dials. Also, roman numerals will appear as your rotate the stairs. Be sure to rotate the stairs marked “II” before rotating the stairs marked “III”. This will finally give you access to the elusive waypoint, and an opportunity to use the medallion once again. This is second time around is easier than the first. All you have to do is use your vision ability in front of the pedestal and the symbols will reveal themselves in the medallion.

Finally, you can escape the ruins. Exit the enclosed space, carefully drop down a couple levels, and head for the waypoint. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you’ve used the staircases numbered “III” and then “II”. Use the same bookshelf switch to leave the Library Towers.

Use of shadows will keep you hidden from the first pair of guards. The next guy is a little trickier. He will reveal himself as he descends a staircase. Backtrack until you find a spot to hide so he can pass you by. Resume your trek up the stairs to find another pair of guards. While facing the one visible guard, look to the left and you’ll notice a hiding spot. The guards will soon go down the stairs you came from, clearing a path for you.

You’ll eventually come across a hollow column with a few dangling ropes. Before climbing up, you can access the area nearby to use the medallion and vision ability to gain an optional treasure.

Back to the column with the ropes: looking at the video, this area is an example of overthinking on our part and a reminder that ropes are aren’t as far as they look. After you’ve climbed high enough, you’ll find a platform to land on. The rest of the path is straightforward and free of guards. This will end with a cutscene and marks the completion of the chapter.


This section is familiar enough: Take care of any business you need in the clocktower, enjoy a cutscene, make your way back to The Crippled Burdick, enjoy another cutscene. After you leave the pub and re-enter the plaza, follow the waypoint leading away from the clocktower. Expect to climb one ladder and expect to pass through another tight narrow space. You’ll emerge from the narrow space to the sounds of Orion’s followers. Ignore their protests and head left, toward the waypoint and the start of Chapter 4.

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