Thief III casts Deadly Shadows

An EB Games product listing reveals the title for the third installment in Eidos' Thief franchise.


According to a product page on EB Games, the title for the third chapter in Eidos and Ion Storm's Thief series will be (drum roll)--Thief: Deadly Shadows. Several keen-eyed readers alerted GameSpot to the title change, which quietly happened Monday night.

Officially, the game is still called Thief III, but Eidos has indicated from the start that the title was only temporary, much like Deus Ex 2 was. Though Eidos has not yet announced the title, an informed source confirmed it was indeed correct.

This isn't the first time EB has revealed a game's final title before its publisher. Such incidents have occurred on several occasions over the last year. Most recently, not just the title, but the very existence of the Everquest expansion pack The Lost Dungeons of Norrath was first confirmed by an EB product page.

Thief: Deadly Shadows will hit PCs and Xboxes later this year. Rating and price point are pending.

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