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These Four New PS4 Controller Colors Are Coming Soon, See Them Here

Hue hue hue hue.


When it comes to colorful game controllers, you might think Microsoft has the market cornered with its Xbox Design Lab, which lets you go nuts with color customization. But PlayStation 4 owners who want to add a splash of color to their gaming rigs aren't left in the cold. You can already find a variety of DualShock 4 controllers in colors beyond the standard black, and starting in September, Sony will add four new colorful designs.

The new controllers will sell for $65 ($75 CAD) each at participating retailers. US pre-orders are live at GameStop right now. European customers will get three of the new designs starting in October.

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Two of the new colors are notably bolder than the ones Sony has released in the past. While nearly all of the currently available DualShock 4 colors are monochromatic, these will feature two combinations of eye-catching colors. One is a light blue and maroon design called Berry Blue. The other is an orange and navy blue design, called Sunset Orange. The Sunset Orange controller will not release in Europe.

A Blue Camouflage controller is also on the way, featuring subtle DualShock 4 shapes in the camouflage. It's similar to the Green Camouflage model that's already available for $47. The only monochromatic addition is the Copper DualShock 4. In the US, it will be a GameStop exclusive at first, before becoming available at other retailers later. It's similar to the Gold and Silver models available now for $47 each.

Other recent additions to the DualShock 4 lineup include Midnight Blue and Steel Black, both of which debuted in March. Also coming in September is the $200 Scuf Vantage PS4 controller. It's similar to the Xbox One Elite controller in that it offers programmable buttons and paddles on the back for quicker button access.

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