There Is A Hilarious And Brazen Last Of Us Rip-Off On Nintendo Switch

Stand with Brian in The Last Hope - Dead Zone Survival, available now in the UK but not North America.


Say hello to The Last Hope - Dead Zone Survival, a clear knockoff of The Last of Us from a Republic of Moldova team called Virtual Global Games. The third-person shooter has you taking down zombies as Brian Lee, the stand-in for Joel. And of course, he finds a girl named Eve instead of Ellie, though the physical appearance is almost identical.

There is one clear distinction between the stories in The Last Hope compared to The Last of Us, though. The trailer for the former--seen below--explains that Brian is sent into the future to stop the zombie outbreak from ever happening. "Nothing was ever the same since the invention of the time machine," the narrator in The Last Hope video explains.

The Last Hope is available now in the UK after releasing June 30. It's currently on sale from £9 to £0.99. But the game hasn't launched in North America, and it's unknown if The Last of Us clone will come out in other regions. That said, VG Games has other titles on Switch's digital storefront in the US, like Need for Drive - Car Racing and Gangster Life: Criminal Untold, Cars, Theft, Police. Meanwhile, GameSpot has compiled the best Nintendo Switch games in 2023.

As for the future of The Last of Us, a report earlier this year said the multiplayer game in development for the franchise has been slowed down. Naughty Dog then issued a statement afterward saying the project needed more time, while also confirming the studio was working on a new single-player experience set in the universe.

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