The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover Coming In 2018

Who is going to crossover and which show will it happen on?


Both Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead take place at different time periods during the same undead outbreak. However, that won't stop the two shows from having a crossover of sorts in 2018, as revealed today during New York Comic Con.

During the Walking Dead panel, held at Madison Square Garden, creator Robert Kirkman made a comment that had fans of the two shows excited and puzzled all at the same time. "One character from one show will appear on another show," explained Kirkman.

The creative mind behind the successful series remained tight-lipped about not only who was going to appear but also which show they would appear on. Will we see someone from Fear survive long enough to appear on The Walking Dead or vice versa?

Although it's doubtful, maybe we could see Ezekiel without his trusty sidekick Shiva. As cool as it would be to see someone like Glenn return, Fear only starts four or five weeks prior to when Rick wakes up in the hospital in Episode 1 of TWD--give or take a week depending on a plethora of other virus-related factors. It seems more plausible for this crossover to happen on Fear, as it's the less popular show and could use a bump in the ratings. Also, the show's characters just aren't as exciting as TWD's cast.

In addition, a teaser for TWD's Season 8 was revealed, which you can watch above. It returns to AMC on October 22, while Fear's third season comes to a close on October 15. Fear has been renewed for a fourth season, which will come out sometime in mid-2018.

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