The Walking Dead: World Beyond NYCC 2020 Panel Gives Rick Grimes Update, Sort Of

Scott Gimple teases a little about Rick's current situation.


The second Walking Dead companion series, World Beyond, just debuted on October 4, and already, there is a huge connection to the mainline AMC series and an even bigger connection to the show's former main protagonist Rick Grimes. During a panel at New York Comic-Con 2020, we got to learn a bit about how Grimes is connected to the newest Walking Dead series.

During Season 9 of The Walking Dead--spoilers--Grimes seemingly sacrificed himself but ended up living, unbeknownst to his friends. He was picked up by a black helicopter with an insignia on it. Early on in the first episode of World Beyond, a black helicopter with that same insignia is seen and we learn it's the symbol of the Alliance of the Three, also known as the Civic Republic.

"The show obviously serves as an introduction to the organization--civilizations--that Rick has gotten somehow tied up in, in some way," explained Walking Dead chief creative officer Scott Gimple. "Do we need to worry about him? Rick Grimes kind of takes care of himself. He's pretty good at that sort of thing but it does look like his situation is going to be challenged in some pronounced way."

There are still Walking Dead movies happening, which were teased last year at SDCC and confirmed to still be happening during The Walking Dead's panel at NYCC, which will follow Rick Grimes after his alleged death. World Beyond is already giving fans a taste of what to expect in the future.

As for Rick Grimes showing up in World Beyond, that's unknown. The connections are there, but Gimple was pretty tight-lipped about it.

The World Beyond panel was one of four panels revolving around TWD. Earlier on Saturday, the Fear The Walking Dead panel gave a bit more information about the fate of the unkillable Morgan, who seemed like he was about to be killed the last time we saw him.

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