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We offer you a look at the notable places in the upcoming portable version of EA's Urbz.


We've offered you a detailed look at the places you'll want to check out in the console versions of EA's upcoming Urbz, an urban twist of its popular Sims franchise. However, those aren't the only stomping grounds for Urbz. The upcoming Game Boy Advance version of the game offers an entire mini city for you to explore. Here we offer you a look at the districts in the game.


Urbania, the heart of Miniopolis, is where some of the coolest streeties got their start--including Darius himself, the absolute biggest player in the city. Urbania is also the oldest part of town, so the buildings sport their age and character with pride (along with some artistic tags here and there).

Places to Go

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Known for the best pizza and entertainment in town, Slice O' Life comedy club at the north end of town is one to check out; it's not only a great place to meet people and get your groove on, but also it's THE place to earn fast simoleons doing some stand-up comedy (if you know someone who can hook you up). If you're looking for an education, just walk a few steps north and you'll find Miniopolis University, complete with an extensive class schedule. If you're looking for something a bit off the beaten track, look for one of Urbania's best-kept secrets, discreetly tucked away on the south side of Urbania: the chopper shop and racetrack set up by the infamous Dusty Hogg.

But even more of a secret is the tight nightspot lurking somewhere in the corners of Urbania--the legendary Club Xizzle! But no one will tell you straight up just where it is or how to get there. You'll have to do some reconnaissance of your own if you're itching to get a piece of the action…

The Locals

Urbania has plenty of local characters you've just got to meet. Since the streeties call Urbania home, don't be surprised if you run into Darius, the king of the streeties, from time to time. Another streetie, Crystal, can be found in the comedy club working the dance machine from time to time. Look for Ewan Watahmee down in the chop shop--he has been known to give his old friend Dusty a help with the hogs.

Of course, if you ever hear some sweet saxophone stylings as you stroll the city streets, it's a surefire sign that "Cannonball" Coleman is nearby working the artsy vibe. If you're looking for nerdies, try Miniopolis University--but don't expect to find too many richies on this side of town. It's a little too "authentic" for their tastes.

Getting By

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If you're looking to earn some quick cash, Urbania is the place to be, as it's overflowing with unique and interesting jobs. Detective Dan runs the "Hoopz" basketball tournament over on the roof of the jail, which is a good place to start. Once you get settled in Urbania, talk to Maximillian Moore about a job practicing your surgical skills, and over at the comedy club Cannonball Coleman might know a thing or two about getting into stand-up comedy. Only the tough need apply for the daily races at Dusty Hogg's motocross tracks--make sure your hog is up to snuff before taking it out for a spin!

Urbania Cribs

When you first arrive in Urbania, you'll be homeless--but do not fear, Detective Dan at the Miniopolis jail will keep a cell open for you till you find a place to put down roots. Up on the north side of town, you'll find two adjacent mediocre brownstone apartments--both fixer-uppers for thin living, but hey, everyone's got to start somewhere…

Sim Quarter

Sim Quarter is where the tourists tend to migrate when visiting Miniopolis. Everything is meticulously groomed and restored to a former glory that draws those who are both nostalgic and eager to peruse the local goods. The centerpiece of the Quarter is the flea market, where a number of unique items can be had for a price. Sim Quarter is also home to the artsies (when they're not gallivanting at the carnival), and they have set up a glorious museum mentioned below.

Places to Go

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If you're looking for bargains, or looking to do some crafting in the comfort of your home, your first stop should be the flea market. For a more exotic touch, Mambo Loa's Fortunes is a perfect place to pop in if you're looking for a little guidance on your travels. Walk next door if you have a heart for art and if you're one to pursue the unique pieces. For something truly unique, however, take a midnight stroll through the neighboring graveyard--who knows what secrets are hidden there.

Despite Sim Quarter's old-world charm, the most popular spot in the Quarter for locals is the Multiplayer Café. Stop by, chat, grab a cup o' joe, and trade with or challenge your friends to head-to-head play!

The Locals

It's hard to walk around in the Sim Quarter without bumping into one of the artsies. Led by carnival performer Roxanna Moxie, this colorful crew breathes life into these ancient streets. When Roxie's working the carnival, look for Cannonball Coleman or actor Pritchard Locksley to make an appearance (usually near the flea market).

If celeb spotting is your game, keep your eyes peeled for Daddy B's playboy son and heir Luthor L. Bigbucks, who frequents the museum in an effort to distance himself from his tyrannical father.

Getting By

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Those with empty pockets in the Sim Quarter should head down to the docks, where Olde Salty invites you to earn some quick cash in the Moogoo Monkey card games each night. The old bumper boats would be a great way to earn cash too, if only someone could figure out how to get them running again…

Sim Quarter Cribs

If your Urbania digs are growing too small for you, consider taking over the first mate's quarters on Olde Salty's riverboat. The boat is in a permanent dock and it's a nice location for the price, and Salty's gaming room is literally at your doorstep to boot!

For those with more discerning tastes and larger pocketbooks, the townhouse at the northwest corner of the district is an excellent choice. Two stories, two fireplaces, a balcony, and a spacious floor plan in the heart of town!


Glasstown is the modern, glistening downtown face of Miniopolis--and it takes the force of many to convince Daddy Bigbucks to reopen it to the general public. Glasstown is also the home of King Tower, the site of your first job and Daddy Bigbucks' home turf. Expect to see a number of richies strolling the streets during your stay.

Places to Go

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No visit to Glasstown would be complete without a stop by the massive department store, where you'll find almost everything you could possibly desire for your decorating needs. Appliances, name it! It's also home to a spacious Internet café and the historic Glasstown Cinema--be sure to stop by and see what's playing!

King Tower, where you'll begin as a lowly janitor and window washer, is home to Water's Gym as well as the offices of both Lily Gates and the man himself, Daddy Bigbucks. Tread with caution--Daddy is not a man to be trusted!

The Locals

As you enter Glasstown, you'll see Theresa Bullhorn, an artsy and the owner of the Glasstown Cinema. She's not hard to miss, as she stands outside her precious theater beckoning potential patrons inside. But let's not forget to mention Kris Thistle--the janitor by day and photographer by night that took you in and protected you from Daddy B while you worked in King Tower!

Meanwhile, SimValley sweetie Misty Waters has moved to the big city of Miniopolis, and she splits her time between her gym in the basement of King Tower and strolling the streets of Glasstown.

Getting By

To scrape up some extra change in Glasstown, head back up to the roof of King Tower and squeegee clean some windows for some quick and dirty dough. (Sure, you're working for the Man, but sometimes an Urb has gotta do what an Urb has gotta do!)

Glasstown Cribs

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If style's your bag, but without the excessive price tag, check out the city apartment on the east side of Glasstown. For the real big spender, nothing will do but Daddy B's very own two-story penthouse in King Tower. Of course, he won't let you live in it as long as he's there--you'll have to run him out of town first!

The Rest of Miniopolis

There's more to Miniopolis than just the main city centers! Hop on the fan boat and discover the entire system of waterways that connects Glasstown and Sim Quarter to the bayou. (Some say there's even a secret passage from the bayou to the graveyard, but no one has seen it.) On the other side of town, a road leads to the carnival, where Roxanna Moxie frequents. Toss up a few simoleons in a game of skill and chance, or just take a look around!

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