The Suicide Squad Adds Sylvester Stallone To Its Already Impressive Cast

James Gunn's new DC movie continues to add to its cast.


Yet another major movie star has joined the cast for James Gunn's new DC movie, The Suicide Squad. Gunn himself announced on Instagram that John Rambo actor Sylvester Stallone will appear in the film, though his exact role is unclear.

"Always love working with my friend [Sylvester Stallone] & our work today on The Suicide Squad was no exception. Despite Sly being an iconic movie star, most people still don’t have any idea what an amazing actor this guy is," Gunn said.

Stallone then replied, saying, "James, Coming from a tireless And amazing Director I consider that to be the Paramount of compliments! Keep punching."

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Stallone joins a cast that already included a long list of big names. So far, the cast includes Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman reprising their roles as Harley Quinn and Rick Flag, respectively, while the list of newcomers for the film include Nathan Fillion, Pete Davidson, David Dastmalchian, Peter Capaldi, Flula Borg, and Idris Elba, among others.

While Gunn might have recruited some big names for The Suicide Squad, their characters might not survive until the end of the film. Gunn recently spoke about how he has been given a good deal of creative freedom to whack any character.

"No character was protected by DC. They gave me carte blanche to do what I wanted. That was one of the things we agreed to before I came to work for them," Gunn said. "I wasn't looking for shock value but I wanted the audience to know anything could happen."

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