The Suicide Squad Movie Is Probably Going To Kill Off A Lot Of Its Cast

Director James Gunn says that DC let him kill off whoever he wanted in the new film.


The Suicide Squad is releasing in 2021, and a new Empire cover story has shown off the movie's full Squad cast all together. This has started a new wave of discussion about the upcoming sequel/reboot, and director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) has jumped into the fray to talk about his approach--and the fact that a lot of the characters on this cover won't make it through the movie.

Responding to a tweet asserting that Harley Quinn has "franchise armor" in the film (meaning that DC would not let Gunn kill her because they have long-term plans for the character), Gunn said that's not the case. "They gave me carte blanche to do what I wanted," he said, assuring fans that he can kill anyone he wants to.

The "canon" on The Suicide Squad is a bit murky, regarding where it fits in relation to DC's numerous other movies, so whether or not deaths in the film will have a long-term impact on future DC films remains to be seen. But, for this film at least, it sounds like a lot of characters are going to die.

Gunn fanned the flames more with a follow-up tweet, asking "what two characters" fans think will survive The Suicide Squad. That doesn't mean he's directly saying that only two major characters will make it through, but he's certainly implying the possibility.

Adding up responses, one Twitter user found that Harley Quinn (113 votes), King Shark (58 votes) and Polka Dot Man (31 votes) led the way in votes. Sorry, Weasel.

Gunn also had some interesting things to say about a major death from Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but since that's a spoiler for another movie, you'll have to click through this link to see it.

The next DC film will be Wonder Woman 1984, which is currently scheduled to hit cinemas on December 25.

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