The Shadow of Zorro announced for the PS2

Cryo Interactive and In Utero unveil a new Sony PlayStation 2 adventure game, which stars the famous masked hero.


Cryo Interactive and In Utero have released the first details on their 3D stealth-adventure game, The Shadow of Zorro, for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game begins with a new police chief, known as Captain Montero, arriving in a still young and thriving city of Los Angeles from the port of San Pedro. The game's hero, Zorro, recognizes the police chief as a man whom Zorro dueled during his time in Spain, but he can't quite match Captain Montero's face with that longtime rival. Throughout the course of the game, Zorro must uncover the true identity of Captain Montero and in the process recall the circumstances of his own arrival in California.

The Shadow of Zorro will feature seven chapters, each told through more than 700 animated cutscenes and in-game action. As players progress through the game, they will visit 28 different locations and be asked to perform a variety of tasks--everything from spying to rescue missions.

The game is currently on schedule for release in November. It will be published in North America by Dreamcatcher Entertainment. GameSpot will have more as it becomes available. In the meantime, check out the first in-game screenshots from the PC version of the game 2816306here .

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