The PS4.5 and PS4's Similarities and Differences Highlighted - Report

The PS4.5 and PS4 receive an in-depth breakdown on the two systems' similarities and differences.


It was reported earlier this week that the yet-to-be-announced PS4.5 "Neo" would boast improved GPU, CPU, and RAM. Now, tech outlet Digital Foundry has put together an exhaustive breakdown on how the original PS4 and the new upgraded one could co-exist.

Some of the details had already been reported: Developers can't divide online multiplayer between the two platforms and games released in October and beyond will need to support the Neo at launch. However, the report says that 1080p will be the mandatory minimum for game resolutions and developers can choose to allow save data to be transferred between the original and upgraded PS4 systems.

It's noted that Sony has no plans to change the DualShock 4, as the company requires all existing peripherals to be supported on both platforms. There must also be no difference in peripheral support, which means the Neo version can't have an exclusive VR mode that the base version doesn't.

As was reported previously, games exclusive to either platform are prohibited, though the Neo can run games that don't offer enhanced support. All DLC will be available across both platforms, in addition to all PS4 themes and avatars--good news for people who want really cool avatars like this.

You can check out the full breakdown right here.

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The PS4.5 or "Neo" has not been confirmed by Sony. GameSpot will keep you updated as more information is revealed about the upgraded PS4.

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