The PS4 launches in Japan tonight; watch the special event here

Speakers include Sony execs Andrew House and Shuhei Yoshida; designers like Hideo Kojima and Final Fantasy's Shinji Hashimoto also in attendance.

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The PlayStation 4 officially goes on sale in Japan in just a few hours and Sony is holding a special launch event to mark the occasion. You can watch a stream of the event here on Ustream or in this story below, though it's likely to be conducted in Japanese.

Speakers during the event include Sony executives like SCE CEO Andrew House, SCE Asia president Hiroshi Kono, and SCE president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida.

Special guests attending the PS4 launch event include Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, as well as Final Fantasy designers Shinji Hashimoto and Naoki Yoshida. Also in attendance will be Yakuza series director Nagoshi Minoru Hiroshi and Sega producer Masayoshi Yokoyama.

The event officially kicks off at 22:30 local time, or just about 30 minutes from now.

The PS4 has already sold more than 5.3 million units worldwide, and this figure stands to grow when the system launches in Sony's home country of Japan later today. When the PS4 launches tonight in Japan, it will be available in 49 territories worldwide. By comparison, the Xbox One is currently on sale in 13 countries and has no announced launch date for Japan.

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