The Omega Stone ships

The Adventure Company announces that its second Riddle of the Sphinx adventure game is now available in stores. New screens inside.


Riddle of the Sphinx 2: The Omega Stone

The Adventure Company has today announced that The Omega Stone: Riddle of the Sphinx II has now shipped to stores in North America, a week later than was originally scheduled. The game charges players with preventing a terrible disaster prophesized by the ancients--a quest that will see them visiting a number of intriguing locations, including Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the lost city of Atlantis.

"Omni Interactive has done a beautiful job," said Richard Wah Kan, CEO of The Adventure Company. "The compelling story line and incredibly realistic graphics faithfully capture the experience of the original."

For more information on The Omega Stone: Riddle of the Sphinx II, you might like to check out the game's official Web site.

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