The Office Releases Full Threat Level Midnight Movie On YouTube

"You meet new friends, you tie some yarn, and that's how you do the scarn!"


The Office's film-within-a-film, Michael Scott's opus Threat Level Midnight, has been posted to The Office's official YouTube channel. The short film, previously only available to owners of The Office season 7 on DVD, is now widely available for free online--and you can watch it below.

This 25 minute cut of the film contains all the scenes you remember, and several that didn't make it into the episode. It's not all Steve Carell, either--the rest of the cast, including Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, and Brian Baumgartner are given a chance to shine with their purposefully bad performances. There are plenty of neat visual gags scattered throughout to keep an eye out for too--an early establishing shot of Scarn's house is revealed to be from a real estate company sign as the camera zooms out, for instance.

Watch the film below to revisit the steps involved in doing The Scarn, among other things. You'll even get to learn the origin story of Goldenface in this cut, which is delightfully silly.

Threat Level Midnight was first cited in the show's second season, before viewers were finally given a look at Michael Scott's final completed product during season 7, soon before Steve Carell left the show.

The Office is the most popular show on Netflix, but it will be leaving the streaming service in January 2021. The show will be exclusive to NBC's own streaming service, Peacock, from then. The network is also considering a reboot of the beloved sitcom.

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