The Nintendo DS demystified

<i>USA Today</i> spills the details about the GBA compatibility and Bluetooth functionality of Nintendo's new portable.


Although Nintendo's presentation isn't until later today, USA Today has revealed both the exterior appearance and interior of its new portable, the DS. While the article points out several well-known details about the DS--for instance, that it will have two screens--the article did confirm rumors about the device.

First was its estimated price point, which will run in the $150 price range. Secondly, the DS will have Bluetooth functionality, allowing players to engage in close-range wireless multiplayer matches. Third, one of the screens will be touch-sensitive, allowing players to physicially control gameplay with a PDA-like stylus.

Fourth and perhaps most importantly, the DS will be able to play both traditional Game Boy Advance games and new DS games. According to USA Today, the device will have slots for both the larger GBA cartridges and DS game cards, which will apparently be much smaller in size.

For more on the Nintendo DS, tune in to GameSpot Live's live video coverage of the Nintendo E3 Press Conference at 11am PDT.

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