The NFL Wants More Video Games, Announces Game Jam

Developers can submit their games for a chance at getting marketing support from the NFL and Skillz.


The NFL is looking to expand its presence in mobile gaming--the most popular gaming platform in the US--and has announced a new game jam of sorts where developers can create football video games with NFL branding.

The NFL signed a deal with the esports company Skillz to host what it is calling a "global game developer challenge." Developers and studios can create an NFL-themed game using the Skillz esports platform, and successful games will get the joint marketing support of the NFL and Skillz.

The NFL is partnering with Skillz as part of its effort to expand its presence on mobile and reach the "next generation" of football fans.

"Mobile gaming continues to be an important platform to reach and engage new and existing fans," NFL gaming boss Rachel Hoagland said. "Our agreement with Skillz provides access to a trusted platform and a highly engaged player base, making Skillz an ideal partner long term."

The game jam will take place in Q2 of 2021. Developers can create any type of game they want, except it can't be an 11 v 11 simulation-style game because EA Sports holds the exclusive rights to those types of games.

This is just the latest expansion of the NFL video game franchise, as the league has also partnered with 2K Sports for arcade-style NFL games. Additionally, the NFL partnered with Nifty Games on a new NFL mobile game called NFL Clash.

The NFL announced this deal just a few days before Super Bowl LV, which takes place this Sunday, February 7, in Tampa Bay, Florida. EA's Madden Super Bowl simulation predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs will defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the title.

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