The Next Chucky Movie Looks and Sounds Pretty Horrifying

Cult of Chucky is coming out this fall, in time for Halloween.


Plot details and a trailer for the next Chucky movie have been revealed.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Cult of Chucky will pick up with the character Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) in an asylum for the criminally insane. She's believes she, not the evil doll, killed her family. Here is the rest of the crazy-sounding plot description:

"When Nica's psychiatrist introduces a new therapeutic 'tool' to facilitate his patients' group sessions--an all-too-familiar 'Good Guy' doll with an innocently smiling face--a string of grisly deaths begins to plague the asylum, and Nica starts to wonder if maybe she isn't crazy after all.

"Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), Chucky's now-grown-up nemesis from the original Child’s Play, races to Nica's aid. But to save her he'll have to get past Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), Chucky's long-ago bride, who will do anything, no matter how deadly or depraved, to help her beloved devil doll."

Don Mancini, who wrote the original Chucky, returns to write and direct Cult of Chucky. The Lord of the Rings actor Brad Dourif returns to voice Chucky. The movie is coming out this fall, in time for Halloween, on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital store. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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