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The Last Of Us Season 2 Actress Discusses "Palpable" Chemistry With Bella Ramsey

Isabela Merced has said she is "beyond" excited to appear in Season 2.


HBO's The Last of Us Season 2 is now in production, and one of the new cast members, Isabela Merced, has commented on the "palpable" chemistry she has with Bella Ramsey. This is probably what fans want to hear, as Merced's character, Dina, and Ramsey's Ellie, share an intimate relationship in the narrative of The Last of Us: Part II.

Speaking to ET, Merced said she is "beyond" excited to get to star in The Last of Us Season 2. "I already did one day of shooting--it was technically day zero--but the chemistry that Bella and I have is so palpable. It's really nice to be able to work with someone like that," Merced said.

Season 2 of the TV series adapts at least some of the events of The Last of Us: Part II. Anyone who's played the game understands some of the drama to come.

In the video game, Dina was voiced by Westworld actress Shannon Woodward, with Cascina Caradonna serving as the inspiration for the character model.

Season 2 also brings on Kaitlyn Dever as Abby and Young Mazino as Jesse. As mentioned, Season 2 is now in production and is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2025.

In other news, Neil Druckmann recently commented on how the original idea to make a Last of Us movie would have been "awful."

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