The Last Guardian stationed for holiday 2011

Team Ico's latest Sony-exclusive action adventure heads to the PS3 late next year; new trailer inside.


The Last Guardian

Team Ico's The Last Guardian picked up more than just a swanky new trailer at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Having previously indicated that the title would make an appearance at this year's Japan event, Sony has announced that The Last Guardian will be available for the PlayStation 3 during the holiday 2011 release window.

The Last Guardian remains quite a ways away.
The Last Guardian remains quite a ways away.

The Last Guardian has been a long time coming, as it was first hinted at in late 2005. It was initially expected at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show, and a rough version of the reveal trailer surfaced in May 2009. However, besides a few screenshots, details on The Last Guardian's gameplay mechanics and story have largely remained shrouded in mystery.

The new trailer for The Last Guardian (below) goes some way in alleviating this dearth of information. In it, a Neverending Story-like camaraderie is exhibited between a young boy and his giant, feathered canine-esque companion. The trailer also shows the boy navigating a variety of familiar environmental puzzles, such as navigating precarious rafters, pushing a large wooden structure to a desired area, and climbing a giant chain.

The Last Guardian is the latest from Team Ico, which built its reputation on PlayStation 2 exclusives Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Also at TGS 2010, Team Ico director Fumito Ueda confirmed that those two titles will be rereleased in a single package for the PS3. The collection will see both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus receiving an HD makeover, as well as full 3D support. Notably, Ico will feature the European ending rather than the US ending.

The Team Ico Collection is expected to arrive in spring 2011.

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