The Last Guardian Developer Reveals New Game, Coming In 2028 (Not Really)

"I hope you all look forward to this exciting new chapter in my career."


Esteemed developer Fumito Ueda, known for games like The Last Guardian, Shadow of the Colossus, and Ico, is going in a very new direction with his next project. Or at least that's what this silly new video from Mega64 would have you believe. In the joke video, Ueda reveals that he's making Madden 2018.

"After many years of game design, I have finally been entrusted with a franchise that is near and dear to my heart. I hope you all look forward to this exciting new chapter in my career," he says in the introduction.

It's a wonderfully silly idea, featuring Rob Gronskowski is the bad guy, a "Deflate Gate Hex," and "Lord Goodell." There is also a joke about Michael Vick and his treatment of animals. The release date for this bogus game is 2028.

This video was released this week during the Independent Games Festival Awards show.

In reality, we do not know what Ueda is making next. After years of development, multiple delays, and a change of platform, The Last Guardian finally came out in December on PS4 to positive reviews.

As for the Madden series, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed this week that it will run on EA's Frostbite Engine (a first for the series) and may borrow some elements from the FIFA franchise.

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