The Guy Game finds publisher

Gathering to release Top Heavy's highbrow "spring break in your living room" game for the Xbox and PS2 this August.


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Six months after coming to the GameSpot offices for a preview, Top Heavy Studios announced that it had lined up a publisher for its game for guys, appropriately titled The Guy Game. Take-Two subsidiary Gathering will release the game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in August.

The Guy Game is primarily a trivia game in the vein of You Don't Know Jack. Players attempt to answer questions from the game's database of more than 1,000 pop-culture queries. Various minigames promise to break up the trivia contest, which is hosted by Matt Sadler of MTV and HBO's national talent search fame.

However, the game veers off from the mainstream in an apparently all-or-nothing battle to win the titular male audience and an "M" rating from the ESRB. Besides answering the questions themselves, the players must decide if a buxom coed, filmed during an unidentified year's spring break on South Padre Island, answered the question correctly. If not, the well-paid young lady bares her breasts for the players. Furthermore, a drinking game called "President" is included, which contributes to the frat-boys-watching-Girls-Gone-Wild atmosphere of the game.

Distinguished gentlemen can check GameSpot for more information on this highbrow product as it becomes available.

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