New M-rated trivia game on the way

New developer, Top Heavy Studios, to deliver topless trivia to PC, consoles.


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Representatives from Top Heavy Studios visited the GameSpot offices recently to debut The Guy Game, a trivia game that takes the game show mentality of You Don't Know Jack, crosses it with "The Homeless Game" from the Howard Stern Show, adds a smattering of Girls Gone Wild-style hijinks, and stacks a drinking game known as A**hole on top. The game is currently in development for the PC, though versions for unspecified consoles are also in the works.

The unique aspect of The Guy Game comes from its Girls Gone Wild influence. The game contains a lot of different video clips of college girls being asked trivia questions on the beach during spring break in South Padre Island, Texas. If the girls miss the questions, they have to expose their breasts.

These topless video segments tie in to the rest of the game, which is a fairly basic trivia game in the same vein as You Don't Know Jack, in a few different places. First of all, up to four players answer the same questions as the onscreen girls. Secondly, a bonus is given to players who properly guess as to whether or not the girls will answer the questions correctly. This bonus also slowly fills the game's "flash-o-meter," which governs how much nudity you'll see. Upon first playing the game, the "flashes" are covered by a Guy Game logo. Reaching the second level of the meter turns the logo into a mosaic that obscures the girl's breasts. Filling the meter, which stays full forever once it's been filled, means players will see the uncensored video. Later rounds change from having to answer trivia questions correctly to trying to get inside the girls' heads by guessing which wrong answers they'll give to specific questions. The game currently contains more than 1,000 questions in all, in addition to a few minigames that have been included to break up the action between rounds.

The game's final round, which is only available after filling up the bonus meter, puts the girls into Man Show mode, where they'll participate in such antics as hula hoop contests, competitions to see who can jump rope the longest, and more. Players bet on which girl they think will win the contest, and the game winner is decided from there.

On top of all this, the game also has built-in rules for a drinking game, commonly known as either Presidents & A**holes or simply A**hole. This game doesn't really factor into the trivia portion of the offering, so it can be disabled, if desired. Furthermore, its rules aren't enforced.

Top Heavy Studios, a company started by Jeff Spangenberg--the founder of Metroid Prime-developer Retro Studios--is currently developing The Guy Game for both the PC and for at least one unspecified console. The game currently doesn't have a publisher, but the new developer hopes to find a publishing partner so that it can get the game on shelves--or at least behind shelves--this spring.

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