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The Flash Gets Emotional Trailer Full Of Supergirl And Batman Action

The latest trailer for The Flash showed off a ton of sick new action sequences.


Warner Bros. dropped a new trailer for The Flash at CinemaCon on Tuesday--and it was full of awesome action set pieces involving the Flash himself, Michael Keaton's Batman, and now Sasha Calle's Supergirl. See for yourself below.

The trailer opens with Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne talking to Barry Allen about his lifelong obsession with fighting crime that was inspired by his parents' murder. And how no matter how many bad guys he takes down, it won't ever actually bring his mom and dad back to him.

And then he says that Barry has managed what he never could: he's managed to bring his mom back, through time travel.

But, of course, there are dire consequences--the other members of the Justice League no longer exist, and Barry has to fight alongside a parallel Batman, Supergirl and himself to deal with General Zod and whatever else is going on here. This trailer showed off a ton of new action sequences that looks pretty wild--and a money shot in which Supergirl is flanked by two Flashes in the midst of an epic CGI battle. The Flash is going to be quite a spectacle at the very least.

Before he presented the trailer, director Andy Muschietti talked about bringing Keaton back in as Batman after more than three decades.

"He was very intrigued about the script. Then he read it and he was thrilled," Muchietti said. "We had these amazing conversations about where we would be finding Bruce Wayne after 30 years for the first time since Batman Returns."

The Flash arrives in theaters this summer at a very weird time for the DC Comics movieverse. James Gunn and Peter Safran were named the new heads of DC Films last October, and the entire franchise is once again in flux. But The Flash, with its multiverse plot, will allow for whatever kind of in-universe reset they'd like to pull. We won't know exactly what form that will take until we see the film itself, but clearly it will involve Batman since there are already two that we know of in the movie.

The Flash hits theaters on June 16.

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