The Division Mythbusters Video Fast Travels Out of the Dark Zone

The video also takes a look at whether you can speed up your walk into the Base of Operations.


There are so many possibilities for breaking the rules in a game like The Division, several of which are explored in the latest Mythbusters video from YouTube channel DefendTheHouse.

Among the things tested this time around is the ability to fast travel out of the Dark Zone. By wedging into a small area near the perimeter of the Dark Zone, the video shows it is actually possible to do so without first going through a checkpoint. This is, presumably, something that may be patched out in the future, but it's nonetheless a minor exploit the game allows to happen.

Elsewhere, the video tests out whether Survivor Link--an ability that grants additional movement speed, among other things--makes the slow walk into the Base of Operations any faster. Unfortunately, it does not, as you're forced to walk at the same sluggish rate as you would without Survivor Link's benefit.

You can watch the video in its entirety above, and check out episodes one and two to find out more.

Just yesterday, developer Massive fully detailed the upcoming April update, which introduces the game's first Incursion, trading, and much more.

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