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The Dark Souls Board Game Raises More Than $5 Million

Suffice it to say, the crowdfunding campaign met its goal.


The Kickstarter campaign for a Dark Souls board game has just wrapped up, and it ended up receiving more than $5 million in pledges.

The final tally was 3,771,474 GBP (or about $5.4 million) from 31,178 backers--that's well in excess of the original goal of 50,000 GBP (about $70,000). The campaign began in April and reached its goal in only three minutes, leaving more than a month for stretch goals to be met.

As a result of the final pledges being so high, the scope of the game has expanded greatly: There will be more playable characters (like Pyromancer, Sorcerer, and Cleric), cards, scenery pieces, and bosses, among other things. As a thank-you, the creators are also offering all stretch goals that would have been unlocked up to 4 million GBP.

It was somewhat of an unusual campaign, having only two main pledge tiers: One for fans looking to get the game and one for retail stores to get six copies. Whichever tier you chose, the game is estimated to be delivered in April 2017.

"A heartfelt thank you from everybody at Steamforged Games Ltd.," an update posted just after the conclusion of the campaign reads. "We've thoroughly enjoyed this campaign and look forward to keeping you all in the loop as the game progresses. We are honoured to have your support and to have spoken with you all in the comments and via the inbox."

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