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The Cute Critter In Star Wars Outlaws Can Distract Enemies And Snatch Weapons

His name is Nix. He's just a little guy.


Nix is the little alien creature following protag Kay Vess in Ubisoft's Star Wars: Outlaws. The critter is a friend and a helper, offering both gameplay utility and narrative import.

Some of Nix's capabilities are displayed in the gameplay reveal trailer shown at Ubisoft Forward. The tiny guy can tackle enemies, distract them, as well as interact with and pilfer items from the environment. In the trailer, he activates a conveyor belt, letting Kay sneak by a couple of Pike thugs. He can even be of use in a firefight. Later, he picks up a downed enemy's blaster, giving Kay an extra bit of firepower. Nix can also assist Kay in solving puzzles and discovering secrets.

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Storywise, Nix is a Merqaal, a rare creature with an as-yet-unknown home planet. Kay grew up with him and the two have a strong, familial bond. In a post-show breakdown, the developers said they wanted to depict their relationship as symbiotic and to give players a sense that they are controlling both Nix and Kay.

Star Wars: Outlaws takes place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Developers gave GameSpot their insight into trying to craft the most ambitious Star Wars game yet.

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