Kay Shot First In Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Ubisoft Massive showed off its very different take on Star Wars in detail at the Ubisoft Forward event.


Star Wars Outlaws got a cinematic teaser during the Xbox Showcase, with the promise of more to come at Ubisoft Forward. The company delivered, with a much longer look at the game.

In a stage presentation, Ubisoft's Julian Gerighty said that the reign of the Empire has made a time of opportunity for outlaws. Protagonist Kay Vess is navigating contracts with scoundrels and syndicates while avoiding Imperial entanglements, aiming for a big score.

A subsequent gameplay demonstration showed Kay sneaking her way through a facility, marking targets for her pet companion to trigger for her to navigate past enemies. When a guard confronts her, she quickly draws and shoots (first), a seeming reference to the classic Han Solo moment from the original trilogy. Another guard used a shield, requiring some direct melee damage to pop, and the ensuing fire fight showed off Kay trying to deal with an overwhelming set of guards before escaping outside onto a speeder bike.

After cruising along the alien landscape for a bit, she came in contact with some underground allies, including a droid who warned her not to trust the broker they were meeting for their deal. The broker, a Mon Calamari female, was meeting with an Imperial officer. That officer asked a few too many questions, forcing Vess to draw her weapon to leave. As she exited, the Empire sent out an APB, forcing her to book it to her ship and get off-planet. The demonstration showed the ship actually taking off and breaking atmosphere and then into orbit, but of course, the ship was quickly beset by a TIE squadron.

That led to another major set piece: a dogfight as Kay attempted to mostly avoid the TIE Fighters while her ship prepared coordinates for a hyperspace jump. That completed the Broker mission, setting up a sizzle reel of more locations and fights against scumbags, Imperials, and an AT-ST.

Ubisoft's Star Wars game was first teased back in early 2021, but what exactly the game would end up being remained a mystery. Ubisoft Massive is no stranger to the Snowdrop engine, as it powers The Division--which should make it a good choice for an open-world Star Wars game. During Ubisoft Forward, the company also shared information on other upcoming projects including Assassin's Creed Mirage and Assassin's Creed Nexus VR.

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