The Creator Of Final Fantasy Has Started His Own Clothing Line In FFXIV

Hironobu Sakaguchi is selling clothes with his signature on it in the MMO.


Even though series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi hasn't worked on a Final Fantasy game in almost two decades, the game developer has recently been getting into MMO Final Fantasy XIV, and chronicling his adventures on Twitter. In his latest posts, Sakaguchi has started posting about his clothing label "sakaGUCCI," under which he's selling handmade clothing on the in-game marketplace.

While the Final Fantasy MMO doesn't let players custom design clothing, items bought from another player will retain the creator's name, meaning anything Sakaguchi crafts will essentially carry his signature on it. Due to the developer's long association with the franchise, "sakaGUCCI" clothing could have the potential to become collector's items within the game.

Sakaguchi has already sold a number of "collections" under the pun-inspired label, and has posted a number of pictures of players hanging out in their matching sakaGUCCI pieces. Each piece is crafted by Sakaguchi's Lalafell character, who was shown in a previous tweet to be a level 90 weaver, and is priced depending on how difficult the item is to craft, and how expensive the materials are.

In subsequent tweets, Sakaguchi has asked players not to resell their sakaGUCCI items on the marketplace, asking players to glamour the items to make them unable to be traded. He's also tweeted to warn players about some actions that will remove the "Hironobu Sakaguchi" signature from the items.

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