The Chronicles of Narnia E3 2005 Preshow Report

We peek through the wardrobe and into the virtual land of Narnia in our first look at the C.S. Lewis-inspired game.


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

The first in C.S. Lewis' classic cycle of children's book will come to life this year, both as a Walt Disney Pictures holiday film directed by the same director of the Shrek movies and (this fall) as an action adventure game due to hit all major consoles, two handheld devices, and the PC.

By opening the wardrobe door in the game, you'll enter the magical land of Narnia, a frozen land held in the sway of the nefarious White Witch. Enlisted by the mighty lion Aslan, true ruler of Narnia, it will be up to you, playing as the four young siblings of the story (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie), to work together to end the White Witch's cruel reign of frozen terror, thus saving Narnia.

To do so, the kids will need to combine their unique combat skills, abilities, and weaponry to fight off the Witch and her minions, since the game is team-based. The odds will be stacked against them, though, as they'll be forced to combat frights such as centaurs, minotaurs, werewolves, ankleslicers, boggles, and many others. Additionally, they'll have to solve intricate puzzles as they progress through the game.

Just as any good movie-licensed game should, The Chronicles of Narnia will include seamless gameplay integration with film footage, game music, and voice talent. Plus, the game will feature unlockable secrets so you can gain access to exclusive content. It will also offer two-player action. The Chronicles of Narnia will be released on all three major consoles, as well as the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and PC. We hope to bring you more of this magical adventure game in the near future.

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