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The Boys Season 4 Promos Declare "Supe Lives Matter" And "Make America Super Again"

The Boys Season 4 arrives this June, and it gets political.

Amazon Studios has released a new poster for The Boys Season 4 that heralds Homelander as the person who will "Make America Super Again." It's an obvious nod to Donald Trump's slogan, and anyone who's seen The Boys knows it's fitting for Homelander as well.

The official account for The Boys shared a reaction from supe-hater Billy Butcher, describing Homelander as "Wanker-in-chief." Here's the poster:

Amazon is releasing this poster today, March 6, to piggyback on Super Tuesday. This is when 16 states and one territory in the United States hold their presidential primary elections in what's expected to be another showdown between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in November.

In the world of The Boys, Season 4 will feature Victoria Neumann and Robert Singer running for VP and President, respectively. There is even an official Singer-Neuman website that runs through their own fictional histories, as well as a video in which Neuman makes her case that "supe lives matter." Homelander, of course, is a supporter of Neuman, and that's fitting because they are both evil, terrible people.

The Boys is a satirical superhero TV series that pokes fun at superhero tropes, America politics, commercialism, and numerous other timely topics.

Season 4 also sees the introduction of a new superhero, Firecracker (Valorie Curry), who appears to be a friend of Homelander. Firecracker makes her debut in Season 4, but Call of Duty players have been able to run around as Firecracker for some time already.

The Boys Season 4 premieres on June 13 via Prime Video. There are eight episodes in The Boys Season 4, and new installments will stream on Thursdays. This means there will be a new episode on the 4th of July this year, which seems fitting for a show that loves heroes, horses, and America.

Another new cast member joining the fray for Season 4 is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays a character who finally mentions how silly a name "The Boys" is.

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