The Biggest Destiny House of Wolves Changes (So Far)

Ch-ch-ch- changes.


As part of a livestream video broadcast today, Bungie outlined some major changes coming to Destiny by way of the game's upcoming House of Wolves expansion, which is set to launch on all platforms May 19.

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Below you'll find a roundup of some of the biggest news from the video broadcast, while we'll have a more in-depth video breakdown later today featuring commentary from GameSpot's Destiny experts. You'll also find some new images of House of Wolves in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

Keep in mind that today's Destiny broadcast was primarily focused on The Reef, one of the new social spaces coming to the game. The expansion doesn't have a new raid, but it will come with a new three-player cooperative arena called Prison of Elders and new Crucible event known as Trials of Osiris.

The new Ceres Galliot
The new Ceres Galliot

Bungie will talk more about these new in-game activities through Twitch broadcasts in the coming weeks. For now, here are five major takeaways from today's Destiny broadcast:

  1. Legendary armor and weapons can now be upgraded to max level with Etheric Light. Exotics can be upgraded separately without resetting progress.
  2. New weapons can be reforged with new perks at Gunsmith. This feature was previously only available in Iron Banner, making the Gunsmith useful again for post-Level 20 players.
  3. Speaker has an all purpose material exchange including Ascendant and Radiant materials, Glimmer, and Motes of Light
  4. New social space: Vestian Outpost. New NPCs to be introduced include:
    1. Petra Venj - Main story agent.
    2. Variks - Warden of the Prison of Elders
    3. Brother Vance - Trials of Osiris Handler
  5. Tons of new ships, weapons, and armor, which should introduce greater player variety. Max level cap raised to at least 34.


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