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Destiny's House of Wolves DLC Lets You Reach Light Level 34 (at Least)

Details on exactly what House of Wolves will introduce are beginning to make their way out.


The second DLC expansion for Destiny, House of Wolves, will allow players to reach at least light level 34, a fact revealed by a new teaser trailer.

The video, which you can watch below, briefly highlights the additions House of Wolves brings with it: a new social space, new characters, and new gear upgrades. We get a glimpse of each of these things, and it's during that last section that we get a brief look at the character screen, showing a character whose light level is 34.

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Following the release of The Dark Below expansion, the cap for light level--the system for leveling up beyond the standard level cap of 20--was bumped up from 30 to 32.

Bungie has yet to formally announce another increase to the light level cap, though it's been presumed for some time that it would be going up with the next expansion. Then again, many assumed House of Wolves would include a new raid, which it will not.

We don't know for sure that 34 is the new maximum--it's possible it could go even higher--but we don't have long to wait before finding out. Bungie has a livestream set to take place tomorrow, April 22, where it'll be talking about "the upgrade paths for your gear." It also has plans to reveal more in the weeks to come, with House of Wolves set to launch on May 19.

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