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Berserk 1997 Anime Series Is Now Available On Blu-Ray

The best Berserk adaptation has released on Blu-ray, but unfortunately it's hard to find in stock right now.


At long last, the original anime adaptation of Berserk is finally back in print thanks to a fresh Blu-ray release that arrived March 26. While other--and incredibly terrible--Berserk series are available on Blu-ray, the 1997 anime has long been considered to be the best of the bunch for its well-realized dark fantasy setting, unflinching brutality, and emotionally devastating moments. Berserk sold really well during the preorder window, and it's actually temporarily out of stock at both Amazon and the Crunchyroll Store. We'll update this article as soon as stock is replenished.

Set in a world of swords, sorcery, and gruesome monsters, Berserk is a captivating tale of fate and destiny, heartbreak and betrayal. Created by the late Kentaro Miura and spanning decades of chapters, Berserk is often hailed as one of the anime series of all time thanks to its dark story and stunning animation. It's a show that you definitely don't want your kids to see, and while it does make some changes to the saga, it's still a faithful adaptation.

If you're looking for even more Berserk, don't miss out on a chance to grab some of the excellent deluxe editions, beautifully oversized hardcover copies that gives the manga the premium treatment it deserves.

Berserk Manga Deluxe Editions

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