The Best Battles In Comics This Week

It's a good thing not everyone gets along in comics.


Comics often feature huge fights with superheroes against supervillains. Sometimes we even have superheroes fighting other superheroes. Get ready to cheer (and possibly cringe) at the brutal punches being thrown in this week's selection of best battles.

There will be some spoilers below!

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Tokyo Ghost #5

(By Rick Remender, Sean Murphy, and Matt Hollingsworth)

Last issue, Led Dent was forced to connect with the tech that allows Davey Trauma to control him in order to recover from his fatal wounds. With Trauma in control of Led once again, he began attacking the paradise within Tokyo. Blamed for killing Tokyo's leader, Jerome set out to stop Led and to avenge his wife. That's when things really started heating up.

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Pulling Led off his bike, the fight begins to get more personal. Led tries using a gun but Jerome's swordsmanship quickly disarms Led.

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While he's hooked up to the tech, Led is a beast. He brings this fight to an end before moving on to the rest of the city.

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Sinestro #19

(By Cullen Bunn, Brad Walker, Neil Edwards, Drew Hennessy, Jonathan Glapion, and Blond)

With the Green Lantern Corps missing, Sinestro has declared his Sinestro Corps as Earth's protectors. When an error in judgment brought his new enemy, the Paling, to Earth's doorstep, it's up to Sinestro to save the day. With a goal of wiping out all emotion from the universe, Sinestro needs to stop them here, before it's too late.

One of Sinestro's new recruits uses her psychic vivisection ability to tear through some of their enemies.

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Despite this and having forcibly recruited Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and others, Sinestro realizes they need more help. The Paling's "absence of fear is a fathomless void and nearly impossible to overfill." He decides to call on even more recruits.

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Even this isn't enough. Sinestro is able to call forth a certain member of a different Lantern Corps to amp up their abilities. Black Adam takes advantage of this increase in power.

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It's now time for Sinestro to make his next move.

Uncanny X-Men #2

(By Cullen Bunn, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Nolan Woodard)

Mystique spent two weeks posing as a normal office worker while trying to uncover what the Someday Corporation is up to. Somehow she was discovered by the company's security services. She reacts quickly to their request to accompany them.

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It's obvious Mystique isn't someone to mess around with. She easily takes out the security men.

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Elsewhere, Sabretooth and Monet have tracked down Elixir in Vermont. He's decided to take a break from the crazy life of the X-Men and has been volunteering at a church. The problem is, mutant healers are being hunted and killed. Sabretooth and Monet want to bring Elixir in for protection.

Even Sabretooth's heightened senses can't detect an attack in time. He is able to move in time to shield Monet and Elixir.

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Monet is no slouch. She grabs hold of another attacker and flies out of the building. Her minor victory is short lived as she's suddenly shot out of the sky.

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As you can imagine, things are about to get worse for these mutants.

Unfortunately we're out of time and can't show more.

Honorable Mention: Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Tuskan Raiders in Star Wars #15.

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What are your top three fights from this latest round of new comics? Support what you love and tell the world below. Also, don't forget to make nominations every week in this thread, especially if you feel we missed a great battle. If you're sad we missed one, speak up next week! You can even make suggestions via Twitter and use the hashtag #CVBattles.

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