The Ascent Delayed To 2021, Will Launch On Xbox Game Pass

Cyberpunk action-RPG looter-shooter The Ascent has been bumped into 2021, but it's going to be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.


Dystopic action-RPG The Ascent was originally planned to launch this year--possibly even alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S--but the game has been pushed into 2021. When we do get our hands on the loot-and-shoot cyberpunk game, however, it will be free via Xbox Game Pass.

The first game from the small team at Neon Giant, The Ascent is targeting full 4K resolution and 60 frames per second gameplay on both PC and Xbox Series X. The cyberpunk world is yours to explore with up to three friends, and you'll have access to multiple vertical levels rather than a flat plane like we see in the isometric action-RPG genre. It also features a double-aiming mechanic for more combat variety as well as "cyberwear" and augmentations in classic cyberpunk fashion.

As you can see in the gameplay footage, The Ascent's combat plays out much like a twin-stick shooter, with a red laser coming from weapons to help with aiming as you avoid attacks. The verticality extends to the combat, too; you can aim lower or higher to stagger enemies more easily or attempt to hit them behind cover. With destructible elements in the environment, you have more freedom with how you tackle each fight, too.

The Ascent doesn't have a final release date outside of the 2021 window, but it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. When it does launch, you'll have the chance to experience a story in a mega-corporation-run city rife with crime and rival factions vying for power.

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